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We've lived on Red Mountain for fifty years.

And It Keeps Getting Better

When my grandfather John Williams got it into his head that Red Mountain might be a great place to grow grapes, people thought he was nuts. Now people call Red Mountain the premier grape-growing region in the New World. We just call it Home.


John Williams and Jim Holmes became fast friends after their desks were pushed together at an engineering firm in the 1960’s. Their mutual appreciation for wine led to a wild idea to plant a vineyard on an overlooked expanse of desert on the edge of town. The rest, as they say, is history.

Uncommon Goodness.

No investors. No banks. Only a family, some vineyards, and a reputation to uphold. Our mission is simple: grow grapes that capture the essence of our place, and release wines of utmost character and purpose that reward the drinker every time a cork is pulled.

This mountain of ours is a little different.


We care a lot about Red Mountain, and we care a lot about our family’s tradition and history here. We are stewards of this place and the traditions we have built. Let me tell you a bit about it.

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