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For Immediate Release

Fall 2019 Wine Club Release

Big Kiona and Cabernet Franc are Back

It's wine club release season!

Our directive in the tasting room is a little different than most; the staff is only supposed to mention the wine club if/when a guest asks about it. We do this because I don't like the idea of introducing friction or ulterior motives when it comes to genuine interaction at the tasting bar. Simply put, we're not here to sell you anything. 

This translates to a wine club clientele that has self-identified as being Red Mountain enthusiasts: not only have they visited our dusty slope in person (a deliberate task, no doubt), but they've gone one step further so as to "opt-in" to finding out more about our club offering, and then put pen to paper and signed up

With all of that in mind, we take the curation and development of wine club offerings very seriously. It takes a long time to make a wine, particularly when one factors in the farming aspect. 

Our upcoming release is chock full of Red Mountain wines that have been in the works for a long time. There are three "co-headliners" in this group:


As the "co-headliners," the Estate Red Mountain Sangiovese, Estate Red Mountain Cabernet Franc, and Estate Red Mountain Big Kiona are included in every release. Members in our "Mixed" club will also receive some 2018 Columbia Valley Chenin Blanc:


Members in the "Reds Only" club will receive 2016 Columbia Valley Estates Cuvée in lieu of the Chenin:


Brandon and Judy have been busy printing/packing/folding/stacking/lifting these releases. With pick-ups/shipments starting in about a week, we're all excited to hear what you think! Cheers!