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Tasting Room FAQ

Information is Power

Are minors allowed?

Yes! Minors aged 0-20.9999 are welcome at the Tasting Room. For the littles we have a basket of toys and coloring sheets/materials. For the bigs we've got WiFi and soft drinks.

What about dogs?

Dogs are allowed on our outdoor, covered patio. We have water bowls and treats for our furry friends. The Benton County Health Department does not allow us to welcome dogs inside, however. The concrete is shaded and is not hot enough to cause discomfort, even on a hot summer day. ADA-Qualified service animals are welcome throughout the facility.

How long should we expect to stay?

This is up to the individual taster, but we can answer in a roundabout way: when we go wine tasting, we tend to limit our day to three winery visits and plan to spend at least 1.5 hours at each spot.

What's the lowdown on food?

We offer charcuterie plates in varying sizes. Our reservation system allows guests to pre-order a charcuterie plate. Guests without a charcuterie pre-order may order on a first-come, first-served basis until we run out of that day's allotment. The plates change with the seasons and what's fresh, but this photo should provide a good idea of what to expect.

Guests are welcome to bring outside food and enjoy it on-premise.

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Can we stay overnight in our RV?

We allow members of Harvest Hosts to stay overnight on our paved parking lot overlooking the Kiona Estate vineyard. Reservations through the Harvest Host system are required and must be approved before stay. This is very popular, please plan ahead!

We're planning a visit. Where should we stay/eat/taste?

We've got a whole page dedicated to local recommendations and trip logistics. Plan your visit.

Can I rent the winery for a wedding or private event?

Unfortunately we do not host private events at our facility. We'd recommend our neighbors at Barnard Griffin, Terra Blanca, or Goose Ridge - all offer excellent rentable venues and professional hospitality staff.

Got a question that's not answered here?

Give us a call (509-588-6716). We're happy to help. See you soon!