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For Immediate Release

Join Our Team!

It's pretty rad.

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Join us! With things ramping up for the busy season and we would love to get a few more smiling faces on board to help in the tasting room. We host guests for seated flights, indoors and out.

  • Weekdays & Weekends - We're open 7-days per week, 12-5. Weekdays are mellower. $18.90 per hour
  • Tips - Pooled and shared. Everyone pitches in, everyone helps, no friction over who helps who. Team effort.
  • No Sales Tactics - We don't ask our staff to sell wine, hit sales targets, or pitch memberships. The goal is to ensure that guests receive excellent service and allow the wine to stand on its own.
  • You Pick Your Availability - Tell us when you're able/willing to work and we build the schedule.
  • Our Four Guiding Principles, all of which hold equal value:
    • Customers experience world-class customer service and hospitality.
    • Customers are kept safe.
    • Employees find value and empowerment in their continued service.
    • Employees are kept safe

Alcohol Server's and Food Handler's permits are required. We will reimburse new hires for the cost of certifications if not already held.

Please send an email to with your resume and a paragraph or two on why you're interested.