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Forty - A Cabernet Collaboration on Red Mountain

We've got something cool planned with Barnard Griffin.

This is a story of friendship and collaboration, of grit and persistence. It’s a story that spans generations and weaves two families in the Washington wine industry together over a forty-year span. We’ve arrived at a pivotal chapter in this ongoing tale, and it’s only appropriate that we celebrate the occasion the best way that we know how—by making a delicious wine. 

Rather than try to explain our new partnership with Barnard Griffin, I think it would be better to just re-publish our emails back and forth, where we discuss the idea in its infancy.

Cab Collab Bg4

We had lunch (which was delicious, by the way) and resolved to move ahead with the project and re-convene in the fall time. 

Here we are! 

The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon from our 1975 "Old Block" at the Kiona Estate vineyard is almost ready to be picked—it's on the docket for Saturday morning (October 20th). We will document that occasion thoroughly, as we will the entire 2+ year process of turning delicious Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon grapes into delicious Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon wine. 

The benefitting charitable entity will be the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, an organization that services our local Tri-Cities area. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this wine will be donated. 

Further details—such as pricing, quantities, labelling, etc.— are yet to be determined, because we're just at the beginning of this journey. But, if you are interested, I would invite you to add your name to this email list for updates and a first crack at an allocation when it becomes available. 

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