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Tasting Room - Closed for Tastings EDIT - OPENING!

Open for outdoor flights starting March 11

March 4 Update

The patio is open for outdoor seated flights starting March 11. Book your visit today

During our 40+ year history on Red Mountain, we've been proud to be the "most open" winery in the area. Typically we are open for 360+ days per year, 12-5. The hours and days of operation have been the same during that entire time. 

With COVID, we're having to pivot pretty dramatically; we've made the decision to close for in-person tastings through the winter, starting on November 16th, 2020. 

We will maintain curbside retail hours. We'll be here to sell you wine from the comfort of your car from 9:30-5:00 M-F and 12-5 on weekends

Here's to a healthy and safe couple of months for everyone. 

We are very fortunate to have fantastic distributors in Washington state and beyond. There's a decent chance that our wine is available at a nearby supermarket. Since you're going to be there anyways, we'd recommend cruising by the wine section for a bottle or two (if you are so inclined, of course!). 

Here's a list of over 120 retailers in the greater Seattle area that carry our wines

If you're not in Seattle (or Washington!) but would still like to find our wine at a local retailer, we can help there as well. Please send an email to and we'll track some down for you. 

One more thing - if you are considering buying direct from a winery, I would recommend making selections from your favorite boutique/micro/family-run operations instead of Kiona. There are many wineries in Washington that depend on Direct-to-Consumer sales and do not have the benefit of having distribution like we have. It could make all the difference to them! We are also small and family-run, but much larger than many and less dependent on Direct-to-Consumer volume. 

Stay safe out there. 

- JJ